The flat as a Skullka

It doesn't matter what side you start with! Many older panelled buildings, downright begat for building intervention, and any! The main and most worst rooms are bathrooms!  And no wonder! Steam, damp, water! These are the mold starters and the appending look! Reconstruction of the residential core is the only option! The old Formica must be out, instead it is necessary to pour out the walls, stretch the cables, water distribution and finally lay the tiles and tiles! But where to take real professionals what they can and do not want mountains, mines? Go to us! We have a tradition, we have experience, we know exactly what the customer demands! We will gladly advise you, we will show you a catalogue of already realized orders! We also provide all necessary permits and audit reports! For those who don't have time, we offer complete turnkey work! Do you like our offer? So use it!
Something extra
Yes, we always offer something extra, always some added value just for you! Your bathroom can be enriched with a variety of shelves, or niche. We also cover unsighting Footpegs and other non-attractive spots!