Price sessions

Do you have a very popular summer delicacy, in the form of ice cream? Can't you even imagine being without her? And you know how much you have to pay for it?
How much we pay for them
We will get a very cheap, inexpensive, classic scoop or draught in our day. The price ranges from a maximum of 10-20 CZK. As for those special, and better delicacies, they move in the range of 20-30 CZK. And our favorite nanuky, they have very varied prices. It depends on what kind or brand we prefer. Classic Misha or Mrož costs around 10-15 CZK. We want some chocolate corset or other speciality, so we pay something about 20 CZK. And finally the soup cakes. They are only slightly larger and cost approximately 50-60 CZK. So, what's your taste more?